About Us

LeadingWare Group / Diligence Int’l Corp. established in 1998, which act as U.S.A. regional branch office/Warehouse of our factory. ¬†Our factory, which original base in Taiwan and sub-factory in China, had been over 30 years in serving all those High end plastic houseware (injection and blow molding).

Our products (Diligence4us brand) all function diligence for us, all the time… forever

Where to contact/visit us!

LeadingWare/Diligence4us Atlanta AmericasMart showroom
Regional office/warehoues  Building 2, Floor 8, 867D
18231 Mt. Baldy Circle 230 Spring St. NW #867D
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Atlanta, GA 30303
Tel: 714/ 965-1616
Fax: 714/ 965-1606 (righ by two main elvator and passway for Building 2 and 3)